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    Just purchased a new 700p and would like any advice on the essential software updates. This is my first palm so I have no idea of any of the programs. I read the sticky above but was also unsure of which programs that worked on the 650 would be compatible on the 700p.

    So any advice on the essential programs to download would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much.
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    The first application is an application installation monitoring utility. Based on that statement, take a look at Northglides "Neatfreak" pack, the link is:

    Then take a look at a good backup program that backs up to the SD card. I recommend Resco Backup - it has been updated to work with the 700p and does an exceedingly good job at it.

    Then take a look at a good notification utility that does a good job at that and a few other things - Butler - 3.82 is the latest beta release.

    Next if you are into email at all, take a look at ChatterEmail - it is the big guy with the best support. When properly configured, it saves incoming mail to the card, et cetera.

    Next take a look at a third party launcher. There are bunches out there that go from providing basic launching from the card to total customization of the device - ZLauncher is the big guy on the block. It has a learning curve, but the end result is worth the effort.

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    bclinger gave some good advice. Here are my recommendations:

    1) First get an installation monitoring tool. The installation monitoring tool will allow you to experiment with new apps and completely remove them from your system if you don't like them. But it needs to be installed before installing any other software so it can monitor all other installations. I recommend RemoveIt (part of the Blue Nomad Plus Suite).

    2) Next, get a good backup program. I use BackupBuddy, it also comes with the BlueNomad Plus Suite.

    3) Get Butler--this app will light up your LED when you have alerts, etc. Let's you glance at your Treo in your pocket to figure out if you need to take some action. I've had this one for years.

    4) Get either TreoGuard or PhoneTechnician--these apps will shut off your screen during a call, saving battery. They will also suppress alarms from going off while on a call, which otherwise get annoying.

    5) Set up email. Versamail (the built in email application) is decent and free. I personally use Snappermail because I already paid for it a while back. In both apps, you can have your mail pulled at intervals (i.e. I get my mail every 30 minutes). Chatter I hear is good but I never used it.

    6) Set up Blazer bookmarks. The web lets you do almost anything, and the fact that the Treo can access the web decently fast with EVDO makes this essential. Check out

    7) Get a password storage app--this is one of the most useful apps for my phone and desktop. I use SplashID (the best in my opinion), but if you get the BlueNomad Suite Plus it comes with Swordfish. Basically, the BlueNomad Suite can save you some dough on a few useful programs.

    8) I don't like launchers, I've discovered that I use only a select few apps a majority of the time, and launchers sometimes are unstable and need to be constantly upgraded. I just discovered TypeRight by StandAlone software, it's awesome, reminiscent of 1 Button Pro for my Treo 600.

    Good luck! I've had my Treo 700p for a few days now, so much better than my old Treo 600 (though admittedly a little more sluggish).
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    can butler and datebk5 (or datebk6 when i upgrade) work together? i'm confused about the differences in what they do. (working on day 1 of my new 700p...the new one that (hopefully) isn't the lemon the 1st one was.)
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    They do two completely different things.

    Datebk6 is a calendar replacement--in manages appointments, meetings, etc. You can set alarms to go off before calendar events.

    Butler is a utility for notifying you when one of the alarms goes off (whether the alarm was triggered by Datebk, a new voicemail or SMS, incoming email, etc.). Normally, you are alerted by a sound. But if the Treo is in your pocket and you can't hear it, you'll miss it. But it will get annoying to always take the Treo out of your pocket, turn it on, and check if something happened. Butler can turn the LED bright orange if an alert occurred, so now you can just glance at your phone and only turn it on if the LED is bright orange.
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