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    Just curious. How do most people mark their SD cards so they know which one is which? Don't like the idea of labels peeling off inside the Treo 650...but need to know card A from card B and so on...

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    I think a Sharpie like you could figure that one out on your own.
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    I too use a Sharpie - that brand rocks! Ben
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    Just make sure it's a Sharpie mini if you have a 750v.
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    If you can get a sharpie made for writing on CD/DVDs you will be in good shape. The writing head is very thin no these.
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    all of my SD cards are different brands. Most are even different colors. Makes it really easy to tell them apart.
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    Yeah, I had to write on my SD cards too to tell them apart. I numbered them. Lettering is good too.
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    I only have one SD card. My 4GB Transcend.
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    Yeah. Just get a big card and you don't have to worry about switching cards.
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    Okay...thanks....I have a 650 so limited there. And just used the great instructions I found for encoding DVD' more room....just wanted to know if anyone had a "system" know..."m" for movies...."b" for books...something stupid like that!

    Thanks! Off to mini sharpie land I go!
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    You could always install a custom ROM w/ the fat32 driver so that you can use 4GB SD cards...

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