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    Has anyone used the Rivet e clip system that has the pin that uses adhesive to attach the system? Thinking this looks like a great system...I know Vaja sells a case with the pin integrated but haven't been happy with how my Vaja help up colorwise....not to mention customer service issues.

    Just would like to know...
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    yup. I really like the system, but the adhesive does not work at all.

    I used a super glue called Pasco Fix ( to glue the rivet to a case, and I can now wear attached after my jeans with the rivet system.
    - Jeeman
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    Thanks...I really like my Vaja case...but the belt clip...bulky does not even begin to describe it. Paranoid about dropping my 650 describes me (and I haven't ever done that) (knock on wood)...may try this system cause I like all the carrying options available!
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    I really like the system. I also use it on my iPod and other items. I also utilize the different connectors. I use the stick on adhesive in the car, the fabric one for backpack or running, the ring for my key chain. Just a lot of variety of ways to utilize and not near the bulk of the Ultra-Clip. You might want to go directly to their site to see all the possibilities.

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    I'm glad people have had good experiences w/ rivets, but I have not. Mine, which was not a hard use situation, the part where the pin goes into the removable part wore through the "clasp", and without warning, my treo hit the floor *hard*. Only thing that saved it was the aluminum case it was in. There was no sign that the clasp had been worn away enough for the ball part of the pin to completely come out of the clasp. They seem to be made of 2 different metals, with the pin/ball part being a significantly harder metal.
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    I have an old Vaja T650 ivolution Top case--with the old clip system that is starting to wear out...I'm sick of the 360 swiveling, as my Treo has slided out** upside down twice for me in the same day. Now my T650 is just starting to get scratches. Arrgh!

    I'm thinking about getting a new Vaja T650 ivolution Top (with the magnet front protector) with the Rivet/e-Clip System. **Does the e-clip still swivel 360 degrees, or does it click each time you turn it? From reading this thread it looks like this clip is more complicated than it needs to be. Like, you have to thread one part on your belt and the other part on your case? Do you have to get a education in "e -clips for dummies" to use this thing?

    Thinking ahead: Will the T700 iVolution fit a T650 Treo as well? Doesn't have to be a perfect fit, just good enough.

    Also, is it just me or is the site a little more difficulr to use? I tried clicking on the e-clip system when doing a sample run-through order, and the Website won't let me select it! But if I click on the older clip style, the site selects it no problem. WTF?
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    I have the Rivit clip on my Vaja case. Also purchsed various parts from Rivit website. I love the concept of Rivit, however, the most practical way for me to carry the phone is via a belt clip - their belt clip is useless!!! Only works if you loop the belt through it, not as an actual hook.

    My daughter also has the Vaja case. I wound up grinding off the Rivit clip. It was extremely bulky.

    The adhesive for the various hooks is not very adhesive at all.

    Overall, I could not recommend their system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister View Post
    Does the e-clip still swivel 360 degrees, or does it click each time you turn it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister View Post
    Completely swivels. No click.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casabooboo View Post
    Completely swivels. No click.
    Thanks for sharing. Jeez, Vaja...what's the point, then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casabooboo View Post
    Completely swivels. No click.
    OK, here's an idea. Who here has gone to a third-party engraver business and try to have someone score 4 to 6 grooves on the back of the Vaja's metal nub?

    When I have more time and resources, I plan on using my Vaja T650 case as a test subject. I might also have to buy a cheapo "click" case as a visual aid for the engraver. Any one else here with me?

    Of course, the easier way to do it is petition Vaja to get its act together on this...too many dropped Treos because of the nub/clip combo, I'm sure.
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    I have the E Rivet Super Treker system and have had no issues yet.
    I followed the instructions, cleaned the area with the wipe that came with it, and stuck it where I wanted it on my crystal case. I found a flat solid object that was the same size as the stick on part and put it in a vise with a little pressure for a couple of hours. So far it is holding just fine. I take the phone out of the case every so often and look through the case and can see that the sticky area is still stuck down really good. Hope it keeps up.
    As far as the system iteslf I like it so far. Very versatile.
    I will try to get some pictures of where I stuck it. I put it higher towards the top of the case so that the phone would have better balance as far as the weight of the phone helping to hold it from bouncing so much.
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    Here are a couple of shots of the rivet on the clear case. I did not want to stick it onto the flat section where the factory clip screws in, one beacuse in my view it is too low on the case anyway. It makes the phone balance from the center of the case. Two, I thought it might be better if the center of the rivet sticky area had a solid place to stick. If I put it there, then if it did start to peal up from the edge, there would be nothing in the middle at all. Having just the one little part not stuck on anything does not seem to affect anything so far. I have had it on for about a month so far with no problems.
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    Good luck.. I went through 3 rivets and gave up on it.. It kept wearing out, flattening on the sides, and eventually would wear so far down it would fall out of the clip.
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    I hear ya. I could see the pin wearing down at some point. I got several extra pins to stick on so I should be good for a while. I just like how thin it is as compared to some belt clips that stick out a couple inches.
    i did like the Speck skin case setup, but their clip sucks big time. Nice and thin, but could not hold a sheet of notebook paper much less a phone.
    Still looking, but this is it for now.
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    I got 2 months of smooth motion out of it.. Another month when it would start hanging and getting difficult to remove from the clip. MAYBE another month before it started getting dangerous to carry around.
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    Well, just an update on this clip. I have not had one problem out of it yet. No worn pin, and no problem with the stick on pin coming unstuck from the case I stuck it on. I have had this for almost a year now, using it everyday on my belt loop. If it can hold up the weight of this treo 650 brick, then I think it will work good for some of the newer lighter phones out there now. For those that were intrested in it and were concered about it holding up.

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