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    I changed my password in GMAIL and then could not access it in Versamail or Snappermail after I updated the passwords on each. Error messages: Username and Password Not Accepted.

    The fix below was found deep in GMAIL POP bulletin board, and works at least with Snappermail and Versamail, probably others b/c the issue is on the GMAIL server side:

    "If you are receiving several prompts to enter your username and
    password for POP access or your Username and Password are not being accepted, please follow the steps below to resolve the problem:

    1. Disable all POP clients you're using to read Gmail messages. (If you
    use one at work and one at home, please disable both.)

    2. From the computer on which your POP logins are failing [I did this from the browser in BLAZER on the 650], visit

    3. Enter your Gmail username and password, and the letters in the
    distorted picture.

    4. Once you have successfully logged in, restart your mail client and
    try to download your mail.

    This should remove the captcha blocking your POP client. "

    Worked for me
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    perfect. thanks for the tip. snappermail had stopped working for me a couple weeks ago and i didn't even realize that this captcha thing existed. unlocked it and now all is right with the world.

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