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    OK well i have been trying to buy a sd card and things have not been going very well. I can be a very cheap person when it comes to buying accesories. I found a seller that was selling kingston 2gb sd cards for only 35 dollars shipped. It was brand new.

    so i bought it and it didnt work. well to make a long story short i sent the card back about 4 times and now im just going to get my money back.

    anyways i just found a seller that was selling an adata 2gb card for only 30 dollars. so i folded and just bought it and it should be here sometime next week.

    so anyways i only want to use my card to put mp3s and maybe a couple of games. possible an episode or two. thats all i need to use my sd card for.

    so what is the proper way of taking care of the card so nothing bad happens to it.
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    Treat it gently, don't touch the metal contacts (especially in a dry environment), don't let the dog chew it, etc., and if not in your treo, replace it with the little plastic fake sd card so as not to allow dirt etc. to enter into the SD slot; keep it in its little plastic case if not in the phone.
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    ok cool. well i have a wifi card too. is there some kinda of casing i can put in back of my treo
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    Some cases have slots for SD cards or general purpose sleeves for business/credit cards where your wifi card might fit.
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    Just put it in your Treo and use it. If you have only the one card, there isn't hardly any way to mess it up if you keep it in the slot.

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