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    I'm a bit of a speed dialer (I'll hang up on the phone and immediately dial out to someone else) so the new "feature" pop-up on the 700p is driving me nuts. It's that pop-up telling you who you were just on the phone with and the duration of the call even if this information is RIGHT THERE ON YOUR PHONE immediately before you end the call. The 650 had it right - it would only show the duration and who you ended the call with (in case you forgot) when you were NOT in the phone screen. Now that makes sense, at least a little. So why does the 700p reveal the dreaded pop-up all the time. It provides for a looooong delay between when I hang up with someone before I can dial out or do anything on the phone for several seconds. Is it really there to let the phone "breathe" because it's inherently ridiculously slow? Am I all alone on this?

    Is there a way to prevent the pop-up?
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    Take a look at the overlays from Shadowmite listed here:
    These can kill the call duration pop up.
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    Yes, you are the only one *still* going insane Shadowmite's overlays will save your sanity!

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    wow dude you havent been in the site in a while? because we were all going nuts a while ago , and Shadowmite solved our problems
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    Definitely use the Shadowmite overlay. Version 7 did the trick for me (Sprint/700p).

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