Hi guys,

In the past days, I had some serious trouble with the keyboard of my 650, culminating in a full day downtime yesterday.

This is what happens - the keyboard just does not respond anymore. Soft reboot - after the first keyboard utilisation (red phone button), the keyboard goes dead again.

Hard reset. I am able to press the up key to erase all data, but when it asks to identify the Z key ... keyboard dead. After some iterations on this, I got it to work again and did a full restore but a strange message appeard in the log - "Restore synchronization failed", Already exists: C:\Program Files\palmOne\ScholzJ\backup\ConnectionMgr50DB.PDB. I ignored this for the moment.

I ran #*377 which resulted in 16-9-06 fatal exception while running Phone. Looks also unrelated, but coincided with the first keyboard problems.

At some point in the afternoon, the 650 for no apparent reason started to work again. I got it disassembled by a colleague of mine just to check the connections but that had neither a positive nor negative impact.

Well, anybody got an idea what is going wrong here ? Anything I can do (beside praying) ?

Many thanks, Jurgen