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    Is there a program that would tell the amount of time each apps is actively running?

    Today the battery for my 700P got too hot. I tried to wake up my treo and it does not. I had to reset it. I am guessing that there was an app or may be the phone module itself was continuously polling or doing some activity which consumed all the juice from the battery. If there was a program that kept track of the time used by each app I could have narrowed it down to a few culprits.

    This has happened a few time so far... anyone else facing similar issues?

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    No such thing; however, one culprit to look at would be in addition to those misbehaving programs, location/low signal strength - if you are in a bad area, an application may get a bit excited and continue to attempt to connect or execute a function.

    Do you have any applications that are set to connect to the data network? You could also have a plain old bad battery.

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    typically Good has done this, prior to 4.9 for me...but what does ##377# tell you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahalvor View Post
    typically Good has done this, prior to 4.9 for me...but what does ##377# tell you?
    I do use Good. The version is Was the issue fixed in this version?
    The other app that I have setup to connect to data network is Versamail. Do yo u think it might be an issue?

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    AkAppLog does somewhat of a log to indicate what's been launched. I'm not sure about it monitoring those that run in the background though. Not free but you can use the trial to see if you can figure things out. I don't know of anything better.
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