I am using Audio Gateway Version 1.06.657. I have both Ptunes and Realplayer for use with my mp3's. I just got my Motorola HT820 today, charged it up, and of course started to play with it. I have to say the sound quality was excellent! The only complaint when listening to music is that it doesn't want to advance songs, it does reverse, start, stop, up and down volume, and pause well.

However when I start testing it by trying to answer calls while listening to mp3's with both Ptunes and Realplayer I started having problems.

It would answer the call perfectly and operate on the call with great applause. However as soon as the call ends it appears to make an attemp to return to the music program but ends up freezing. My only course of action at that point is to reset the unit.

What am I doing wrong? Has anyone experienced this and can it be fixed?