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    I synch every day with my USB cord and it is such a pain. I have to attempt the synch about 10 times just for it to work. There is no rhyme or reason to why. I have tried every step possible that is on the website and it is never reliable.

    I am considering getting a bluetooth device and synching this way. Will this be 100% reliable? How much do the USB bluetooth devices cost?

    Please provide feedback on the pros/cons on synching this way.

    Thanks all!
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    Try a different USB cable. Mine works sometimes and other times does not (thats why I bought another one). Bluetooth sync is just way too slow. If I have to get my Treo within 30 feet of the PC to sync I might as well plug it in.
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    BT sync is long but when you are doing something on the computer while syncing i think you wouldnt notice it go by... i have been using BT syncing since my tungsten t days and i say its really nice without the wires...

    but of course when you are installing a big app... i still go get that good old wired sync cable

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