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    After reading so many enthusiastic posts here, I finally decided to try out Quickbits (the trial version) and Afterburner 3.0t (unregistered) on my Vdx. After a day or so of use I've read the manuals for both, but I'm still not sure I fully understand how to make the most of these apps. Hoping someone here might be able to help.

    First of all, Quickbits doesn't seem to be making any difference at all on my machine which I can't figure out since my QuickBits Index number--even w/out Afterburner enabled--would seem to indicate that my speed has tripled (from 96 to 294?). I realize that this app influences some programs more than others, but does anyone know which programs generally see the greatest effect? The manual mentions test-drawing, but I don't have any text-drawing apps. Could it be that I'm just not using the right programs to see a Quickbits boost?

    I see a substantial speed increase w/ Afterburner, but the contrast seems to fade in and out as I switch apps--particularly w/ AvantGo. There also seems to be more streaking, which doesn't make sense to me since I thought Afterburner also functioned as a replacement for NoStreak Hack? It doesn't appear to matter much how fast I'm overclocking. Does anyone know of a way to fix these problems? My LCD/n is only set to 1.

    Also, I can't figure out if I'm supposed to HotSync with my serial cradle or not (I have a serial cradle at work and USB at home). The manual mentions a lack of serial port compatibility in the unregistered version, but I've read some older posts here that would seem to indicate you *can* sync with Afterburner activated and a serial cradle. Others mention Hotsync problems even w/ USB. I don't really want to risk a hard reset, but it's a pain to turn off Afterburner every time I sync at work. Does anyone know for certain what the deal is here? Does it make a difference what speed you're using at the time?
    Argghh! Sorry this is getting so long!! Last question. Does anyone know if overclocking increases the drain on your batteries even when you aren't doing anything? For instance, I'd like to increase the speed at which AvantGo launches but I don't want my batteries draining at double speed the whole time I'm sitting there reading a newpaper article. Does it increase the drain when your machine is turned off? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I'm not much of a technocrat. I really just want to speed up the process of switching between apps, and the loading time for programs like ZarfCatalog and AvantGo. Maybe this is more trouble than it's worth....

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Set LCD/n to higher number, and it should solve problem with streaking. I can't see any speedup with quickbits when Afterburner is on. I had some problems with AB when I try to set separate speed for diferent apps, and I am not using AB3.0 (although I am registered user). AB II 2.2 works fine here, and VDX can't go over 29MHz so you dont need AB3.0. AB II 2.2 is freeware.

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