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    Data Viz has decided NOT to respond to emails when they can't solve a problem. I was beta testing Docs to Go 9 and had major issues. They responded to my 1st email (a guy named Chris) but it was only to ask me for further clarification on my issue. I gave him the clarification he wanted and have not heard from him since. Great way to treat a customer whose money you already have!

    Anyway, I'm trying to delete Docs to Go but I get this message: "Error:dm:ROM Based in Item::remove()c"

    Any ideas?
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    Try a warm reset (not sure how to go about that on a Treo 700p, but the "usual" way is to hold in the up-scroll part of the 5-way nav pad while poking the reset button on the back of the handheld, then when the Palm logo appears, let go of the 5-way), then try deleting DTG 9. Do a soft reset afterward.

    If that doesn't work, try using FileZ to check the "Recyclable" attribute of the DTG 9 components, then do a soft reset.

    If neither method works, I'll be stumped.
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    Are you sure you're not trying to delete the version thats in the ROM? (version 8?) Try using filez and uncheck the ROM box so that it only shows things that are deletable, to make sure you're deleting the right version?

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