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    My treo 650 can not use battery now.the problem is 650 can recognize the battery,but the voltage can not get through.Only I put on AC adapter can power on it. So I think there's something wrong with the Power supply section.

    Right now ,I need a blueprint very much,so that I can check which part is unstable. any help wil be many thanks!!
    MP:Treo 650
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    Will the palm boot up with the battery? If so, does it show no or low power incorrectly?

    I ask because my Treo 600 did what I describe above and I had to do a soft reset while the unit was plugged in to reset the charging and voltage display circuit.
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    When I plugged the unit ,boot screen will remain 2 seconds,then power off.

    I have checked the Mainboard,the two pins connect with battery input was short,but I don't know the reason,If I have the buleprint,I think I could find the problem.
    MP:Treo 650

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