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    I've narrowed down my search for a leather vertical pouch with a leather clip for my 700P. The final contestants are:

    Sena Vertical
    Seidio Premium
    Gizmoskin Lambskin Leather

    If anyone here has used any of the above three mentioned pouches, I'd really appreciated hearing how you like it--or don't like it. Thanks.
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    I ordered the sena and the seidio from treocentral and returned it. In both cases, they are just too expensive. I found a Monaco one on ebay for $14 (including shipping that was just as good - if not better). There should be some threads somewhere here about the ebay one if you search.

    The Sena seemed a bit "boxy" and stuck out a small amount. The Seidio was nice and sat low on the belt and even came with a hole on the bottom for an earphone (though it would be wierd to have to thread the wire through first and then put it back in the pouch). The sena was $50 and the seidio was $40. I am very happy with my purchase. I think it is the thinnist of all three.

    FYI: I used to use a clip holster but did not feel "safe". I was not happy with the seidio ones and the proclip one, although much better, would drop the phone when running around the yard with my dog. With a pouch, i really feel it is protected.
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    Go horizontal...the Treo is too big for verticle. It doesn't look uniform on the fashion tip IMO.
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    I agree. Horizontal or a Vertical that you can use horizontal.
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    I have the covertec. It's nice becuase I can reach the side buttons while the phone is in the pouch. This is nice if someone calls and you want to turn the ring off.

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