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    My compact flash card is on the way. I can't wait to start using it. I know I'm going to have to copy files back and forth using the file mover by Kopsis. And I know Kopsis is working on an automover of some sort. But here's what I'm wondering:

    Are people who write software going to start writing it so that it can access data on the CF card? If I have 1/2 megs available on my Visor Platnum and I want to read a 1-meg document (that resides on the CF card) using ISilo, an auto file mover won't do me much good. I think what would be better is for ISilo to be able to just see the documents on the CF card.

    As I think about it, it seems that you could do it one of two ways. Either write a driver of some sort that will be a conduit and make the CF card look like its data is in RAM. Or, ISilo (and other apps) could be rewritten to be able to read directly off the card.

    Now, I know I'm not a software developer, so I don't have a very good understanding of how this stuff works. But I thought I'd solicit opinions from others about how this could be done (so that I can incourage developers to start doing it .

    So, how close are my assumptions? Is anybody already working on this? Does anybody else think this is are good ideas? Bad ideas?

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    I think, from what I've read here, that it would be incredibly hard to make the CF card look like RAM. However, I don't see any reason why programs couldn't read the CF card. After all, FAFilemover does a pretty good job of it!

    So... Anybody feel like modifying some programs? I vote for a doc reader (like ISilo) and a pic viewer (Like Fireviewer). Heck, with Fireviewer, we could get movie files of decent length on these things!

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