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    Anyone try this yet? Reviews? I've not had a chance, yet.
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    Holy ****. It's supported now.

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    I tried 5 calls, all gave me "You call can not be completed as dial." What a piece of sh!t.

    It doesn't require Java install. However it doesn't support Chinese at all which is silly since this product is basically designed for international long distant calls.

    I downloaded their other java based clienet for motorola phones just for kicks, and the Chinese screen names on my Skype list did display properly. It couldn't make calls though.
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    ...took the plunge. Same problem, here. What's more, it appears to use, not your data plan, but voice-minutes. So, except for international calls, this would be entirely useless to me. Surprised this thread isn't getting more attention... if this program used solely data, we could all downgrade our voice plans to a couple hundred minutes for emergencies and the like, and have unlimited calling.
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    I doubt PalmOS/700p has enough horse power to run Skype. I only want to use it for international calls anyway.

    BTW there is a competing product I don't remember the link now. It doesn't use the skype api and it works. Somebody else tried it.
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    You can get VOYP from You also will need Takephone from the developers at as well, but yes it will work.
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    silver - u a plaaaayar! What, you got board over at MTDN?? Good to see the name again!

    I was just about to download and decided to search here. I have a Sprint 650, so I assume it will not work due to lack of EVDO? On the download page the 700p is the only model that pops up when u select Sprint. If it works as I believe, I wanted to use it for calls to Japan because these typically happen when I have free minutes, so I was not worried about using minutes instead of data. Think I will pass now....
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    Thanks for the tip. Will check it out.
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    Mino works quite well (requires Java) and it's excellent for use with ones home phone as well. Search TC for Mino. It also dings you for regular minutes on the Treo though.
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    Bubbatex, you wouldn't want to know how many forums I'm actually a member of! lol I paruse several everyday, but MTDN is my homebase. Good to see you again brother!
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    Quote Originally Posted by silversurfer20 View Post
    You can get VOYP from You also will need Takephone from the developers at as well, but yes it will work.
    Does this work through data only or is one using their minutes here too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by copernicus View Post
    Does this work through data only or is one using their minutes here too?
    Data only, but doesn't work with 700p yet, only 650.

    Oh wait it supports 700p now, I just checked.
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    Ok, thanks! I do have TAKEphONE so it's about time to try it out.
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    please report back!
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    iskoot works pretty well. I have a free incoming plan so people can call me anytime from skype for free! I think skype is still free outgoing calls to the US for the rest of the year.
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    It's been working pretty well for me recently. I get error maybe 2 out of 10 times. However, this will become paid service in the future unless Skype buys iskoot.

    Plus that fact that Skype doesn't show caller ID when you SkypeOut to cell phones. I am seriously giving second thought about Skype now.
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    iSkoot now has a nice little chat feature. It allows to chat with your online Skype works really nice. I have not had any problems with yet.
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    Sorry for the Skype newbie question, is the purpose of using Skype saving outgoing minutes? Is there any other advantage? I just don't want to risk more 700p resets by adding apps if I don't have to.

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