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    I did a search on here and found out that it is possible to insure a Palm Treo through Asurion. I lost my old Motorola phone and instead of claiming another one through insurance, decided to buy a Palm Treo off a friend of mine. Now I'm wondering if its possible, after I activate it, to insure it through Asurion again? Also, after doing some searching on here, I found out that you can insure your phone through your insurance company (home, car?) Has anyone ever try insuring their phones through AAA? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    How much did you buy the phone for? They're getting a bit inexpensive, so insurance MAY not be the best thing, at least 3rd party insurance (as opposed to self insuring).

    I'm not sure on insuring a used phone though, you'd have to call them up and ask. And as for home and auto policies, I think it's something they USED to do, but not anymore. I asked my State Farm agent and they said no. It would have to remain solely in your house or car and would probably be covered from theft or maybe water damage during a storm.

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