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    occasionally after i send text messages, my treo will freeze for 30 seconds up to a minute for no reason. it will unfreeze instantly if i get another text message or a call.

    the only programs i have installed are lightwave, palmvnc, and the games that came on the treo CD (solitaire and bejeweled).

    i know someone else must have had a problem with this. if so please tell me so I know I didnt get a ****ty unit. better yet, if anyone has a work around or fix, that would be great too.

    please let me know!
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    I haven't had this exact problem, but the first thing I'd try is completely uninstalling LightWav and see if you have the same results.

    Just out of curiosity - is it Sprint or Verizon?
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    i use verizon
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    I used and paid for Lightwav back with the 600. But with the 650 they seemed to have continual stability problems with the software and I gave up using it. With the Verizon 700p, I applied the sound manager patch available here so it recognizes AAC files. I just send AAC files to the Treo via bluetooth and I get great ringtones with no third party software.
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    Same exact problem here...very annoying. Try clearing your chat history? Trying that right now..
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    Now is your chance to get up to speed with the Official SMS Lockup thread...

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