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    I have tried a JX10, Moto H700, and a Jabra BT160 on my Treo 700wx. In numerous calls, everyone I have spoken to says the volume is low when I use the BT headest as compared to the wired palm headset or the standard phone mic.

    I have also tried all 3 on an LG LX350. Nobody seems to be able to tell the difference between being on the phone or any of the BT headsets. Outgoing audio is great!

    Whats the deal here? I have looked in the registry for anything that may allow me to hack the mic gain under BT but have had no luck. Anyone have an idea. I know try headset XXX, but I do not believe its the headsets when they work great on another phone in the same environment and 3 of them exhibit the same qualities!

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