Beware People;
-The Butler remote lock password will prevent the Grack Rom Tool for the Fat 32 Rom change from reading your Rom image for the initial download portion.

I know this b/c:
1. I succcessfully used the Rom Tool on my last Treo 650 only a month ago, WITHOUT the remote lock password setup in Butler.

2. I got a replacement 650 this week and setup the Remote lock password in Butler yesterday.

3. Last night I tried to update to FAT 32, and the Rom Tool would not read the Rom Image. Instead, it asked in the log: "Does your phone have a password?"

4. The only way I could get the Rom Tool to work was to delete the password in Butler, even though I had remote lock in test mode only. If I had not just set the password in Butler, I don't know if I would have put two and two together.

5. With the password deleted, the ROM TOOL WORKED.

Nuf' said.