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    I was talking on my 650 then it locked up. it froze. i took out the battery still nothing. it is stuck at the clock setting screen. ive pressed every button and tried soft reset but nothing works. any suggestions please...
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    is everything backed up? Maybe a hard reset will help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enynite View Post
    is everything backed up? Maybe a hard reset will help.

    yes is all backed up. how do i do a hard reset?
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    hold down the power button (dont let go) and hit the reset button with ur stylus. when the circular palm logo pops up, let go of the power button. u'll get a waring that ur gonna erase all data. confirm and it will hard reset back.
    hope it takes care of the issue for u. good luck. let us know how it goes
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    no go. now it is stuch at step 1 of 2.
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    is it still under warranty? return it. sounds like a dud.
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    You could have a key stuck, or something under the edge of the touch screen. Either one can cause the Treo to think its getting info and stop it from doing anything else. Go key by key flexing them around and take a toothpick and carefully run it around the edge of the screen. Sometimes the edge of a screensaver sheet gets in there. Remove any screen protectors and retry. If that fixes it you can reapply the sscreen protector!

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