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    I clean installed and got my basic calendar and bejeweled2 onto my 700p. however, the first BIG problem is that the touchscreen doesn't seem to work properly. shouldn't it work just like any other palm???? when i touch the icon it opens? no matter where i touch on the screen, mostly it doesn't pull down lists or anything. sometimes it opens the wrong icon. help please.
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    oy....seems i do. called verizon and they said: bring it back bring it back. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (the verizon store isn't exactly nearby.)

    so tell me...for example, i grabbed the .prc from my datebk5 and it installed it to the treo. but it says that it needs to be reregistered and when i go into the icon to put the register # won't let me in. ???

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    but then again, so do we all!
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    Have you calibrated the screen?
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    Have you installed a screen protector? Sometimes the screen protector could be caught under the edge of the screen and pressing down, causing all other clicks to be ignored. This has happened to me on a couple of occasions. Reinstalling/realigning the screen protector fixed the problem.
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    sigh. it's a lemon. yes i callebrated and yes, i installed a screen protector but it was smaller than the screen and not caught under the edge ...i took it off and the touchscreen doesn't work. thanks to both of you tho. i have to go back to verizon and get a new one and have them wipe this one clean. sigh. so tomorrow, i just use it as a phone.
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    you broke it
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahalvor View Post
    you broke it

    no...i wanna break it further but it was broke all on it's own.

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