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    well first a long list of stupid things
    this has to be the stupidset thing i have done in years!
    i was fooling around with a sim card with out the little cradle
    and stuck it in the slot
    yes yes i know STUPID!
    needless to say, its rattling around in there and i can't get it out

    anybody know if the casing for the 650 comes apart? if so how???

    or am i looking at sending it out to a non STUPID repair person

    any help,pity, or empathy would be highly appreciated!

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    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 700wx -> Mogul -> Touch Pro
    You may like to flash, but your phone shouldn't. LED Killer
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    thanks ever so much
    did you happen to catch what that tool was he used to open the case
    t pod driver???
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    t5 torx driver
    thanks all!!!
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    hey! a friend of mine did the same that you SAM???? lol just kidding.
    Anyway, he was able to use a bobby pin to push the sim card out by removing the battery and sticking the bobby pin thru a slit in upper part ofthe battery compartment. Hope this works for you

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