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    The final version of Lightspeed 2.0 has been released. The new version adds support for the Treo 650.

    Lightspeed is a Palm OS 5 clocking and power saving application. Processor intensive applications such as Games, Emulators, Image Viewers, Movie Players etc. can be overclocked to maximize the performance and user experience and less processor intensive applications such as PIM applications, Launchers, Ebook readers, MP3 players the processor can be set to a lower speed which will save on power and make the battery last longer.

    Lightspeed 2.0 is a free upgrade for all registered users.

    Lightspeed is shareware and a can be downloaded from

    Jonatan Fernstad
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    In case anyone is curious, this does not work on the 700p. It will install, but pops up a message stating that its not designed for this model when you try to run it.
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    I'm amused that they're just now releasing a product that's 650-only when the 650 is very soon depreciated. As soon as the next GSM model comes out, I expect the 650 to be discontinued.

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