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    I am not sure if this is an obvious question. This is my 1st phone with network capability.

    I noticed that to get email or browse the web I need to connect to the network. I also noticed that disconnecting from the network is not as easy as it was on my 600. I have to go to preferences and click network where on the 600P it was a menu item.

    I recently noticed that there was feature to connect to the network when I powered the phone on.

    My question is, do you guys connect to the network and stay connected all day, or do you connect, get your info, then disconnect. I assume staying connected to the network will kill the battery faster, but would it cost money in overhead if no actual information was flowing across the connection? I have a 10mb/month package

    Using versamail, I have to "get" my email. If I choose to use wireless sync, does the phone have to be connected to the network to get automatically synced?

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    I don't do anything to manually disconnect. It will sometimes disconnect itself, but I think this has to do with moving to different locations.

    If you aren't accessing data such as via Blazer or with email there isn't any noticable drain I can see in the past two months from being connected. I honestly wouldn't worry about it.
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    So you stay connected to the network all the time? Is that how the system is designed to be used?

    I thought I read that when connected the phone functions was interrupted, or was it the phone takes precedence over network?
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    Don't play with the data connectivity settings. Just use the Treo and don't think about it. Actually, when you are thinking about THAT you should think about THIS - your EVDO capable phone can/will blow through your 10MB monthly plan in about fifteen minutes. Get yourself an unlimited data plan or you run the risk of blowing the doors off your MB limit AND racking up a cellphone bill of several hundred dollars...
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    Has anyone had success in setting up their DUN via Bluetooth successfully on their VERIZON PALM 700p? has a step-by-step protocol listed on their website via KNOWLEDGE BASE LIBRARY Article #42765, at

    I also phoned VERIZON and added the special DUN ($15/mo.) package to my Broadband Account. They made sure that my phone was set up OKay and package sent to it.

    However, after successfully and carefully reading instructions, I still received a "modem error message."

    I'm trying to sink my Macintosh Titanium PowerBook. OS X4.7 w/D-Link DBT-120 USB Bluetooth.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I was also worried that when I saw the green ev light at the top of the screen that it might be pulling kilobytes whenever the green light was on. I thought it dumb that unlike the treo 650 which had a red or orange led light on whenever you were downloading info off the web yet the 700p does not.

    I finally saw the globe with the yellow circle icon that shows when you are actually downloading and using bytes up and finally figured out that the green ev icon just shows when an ev network is in range.

    Evdo is so fast compared to the 650's 1x network that when I do a search it's almost instant. It's even faster than my home laptop which is connected by roadrunner broadband. Coming from the unlimited data plan with the treo 650 I didn't care about bytes used before. But I'm trying to get by on 10mb now in order to save $20 a month. Surfing the web on the 650 was torture and I gave up on it even though I had the unlimited plan. Most of the time I'm at my desk or home laptop so I can get by with 10mb for now. I'll go unlimited again when competitive pricing forces Verizon down.

    I also thought it strange for us to have to either power the red phone down to disconnect from ev only to have to power up again to turn the phone back on or take several steps to reach the preferences settings to disconnect.
    I found that one does not have to disconnect from the web because the connection goes dormant unless you're actively downloading info.

    But for safety with no led indicator when on the network pulling data and wasting kilobytes they should program one of the buttons for double duty into the next upgrade where you could just hit a certain button twice and it would disconnect you from the network.
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