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    It seems that the built in network time sync does not work very well for me or something but I have found that my treo drifts off time intermittantly when I don't hot sync it and have had to reset the time manually on a periodic basis. Worldmate and Palmaryclock wireless have wireless atomic time sync that works very nice, but the programs are expensive and take up a lot of RAM. There is a program called JSJ Timesync which just gives you is an error message.

    Finally yesterday a small new 40k size app was released called Atomsync. Even though something this simple should be free, at least it is reasonably priced - $4. I installed it on my 650 and find that it works quite well. You can manually sync, or set it to sync daily at 3:30pm.
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    2PlayMe can do it too: MemoryFootprint around 120kB once registered and for 9.95 you can also select the network connection it is using to sync the time. And much more, of course...
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