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    I'm looking to connect on a new laptop. I know you can teather with the 700P, but do you loose any speed doing this? Sprint just came out with high speed aircards up to 3.1mps, but say the acutal speed will be around 500k to 800k. Any idea what speed my 700P will give me in teathered mode?
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    I've used my laptop tethered with a Treo 650 and a Treo 700p. I've also used it with an S620 PCMCIA datacard. The Datacard is definitely faster. Not sure how much faster, but it is faster. Latency seems better with the datacard, too.
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    I can't speak for the PCMCIA card, but my Treo 700p has reported speeds up to 957 kbps. My guess though would be that the PCMCIA card would be better - not to mention you don't have to worry about having the USB cable for connecting the Treo to your computer.
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    I have used a laptop that the sprint store has on display with an aircard, don't know which one, and it does not seem much faster (yes some but not amazingly) than my laptop/700p and pdanet. just a seat o the pants assesment.
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    An aircard will be a bit more reliable and a bit faster. A 700p will still get the job done.

    In most cases I imagine the cost would still be the most prevalent factor. If you're in a unique situation where added hardware and data plan cost may be worth the difference, then you might want to go to the store and test for yourself.
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    I've topped out at 709 on my USB tethered Sprint 700p. Once.
    Usually I get somewhere between 280 and 550 (when I check).

    As an option to a card have you seen the devices like:evdo usb modem
    or this...
    On a side note I thought it was interesting that they said the Intel Macs with the the latest OS supports the EVDO directly.

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    Actually, if you were going to get a Sprint card, the best card right now is the S720. It supports Rev. A EVDO. It also has the best reception for Rev. 0 of any of the cards.

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