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    I recently had to do a hard reset due to a infinite power down loop. Before this I had an application that I'm not sure if it came on the treo 700p (sprint) or if I downloaded when I first got it and was experimenting with different software. Basically it was called 'files,' and like 'fileZ' it let you see all the contents on the sd card, as well as launch it from that list. I have some mpg4 files on my sd card now and I cant find them or launch them. FileZ lets me see them there but I cant get it to open. DOes this sound familiar to anyone?

    Also I subscribe to Sirius satellite radio and I was hoping that I could play it through their webaccess, but when I tried I got a message along the lines of 'unrecognizable file type.' Anyone have any info on that?

    I'm still a little new to this so any help would be very appreciated, thank you.
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    Files is Palm's program. It came free on your install CD. Don't remember the exact folder but look around and you'll find it.
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    VFSExchange 1.1.1 (it's freeware), but limited to files on SD card
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    Take a look at ZLauncher. Ben
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    ...or Resco Explorer.

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