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    I'm trying to decide between a 700p or 700wx, so I'm trying to confirm whether or not a 700wx can be synched on a MAC.

    My MAC Specs:
    I do NOT have an Intel Dual Processor, nor am I running any windows operating system inside my MAC (e.g., using Parrallels software).

    According to the Palm site, it looks like the 700wx cannot be synched on a MAC:
    Palm® Desktop: PC & Mac
    Microsoft®:ActiveSync® PC only
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    you need to add a 3rd party app called missing sync from markspace, I used their software when I had a sony clie' synced to my mac, now I use it with my 600.....if you decide to get it please post how it is working for you, my 600 is dying and cingular will not release a new phone soon enough
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    I used Missing Sync for Palm to sync my Mac with my Treo 650 for over a year with few problems.

    I switched from a 650 to a 700wx a few weeks ago and have been using the Missing Sync for Windows Mobile just fine with my PowerMac G5. I haven't tried syncing over Bluetooth yet, but it works great over the USB cable. The Treo calendar syncs great with iCal and all my contacts from the mac Address Book synced fine too.

    A few tips/limitations...

    1) Contact photos don't sync over yet from the Mac to the Treo, oh well. Some of the other things like birthdays may not sync well either but at least the important contact info, and calendar events (with notes) works really well.

    2) If you sync with the cable, make sure to run the program, "UsbSwitch" included on the Treo first. That will switch the USB mode from RNDIS mode to Serial mode (much faster).

    3) Start off with all you contacts/calandar info on the Mac and then the first time you sync in both the contacts and calendar Missing Sync prefs choose to delete all contacts/calander info on the Treo and overwrite it with what's on the Mac, this seems to get rid of the risk of double info. Then after your first sync, don't forget to go back to the prefs and change them back to the regular "sync" setting so any new stuff you enter on the Treo gets synced with the mac.

    4) If you've never used Missing Sync before try to read as much as the user guide as possible. And use the knowledge base on the support website for help

    5) If you run into problems, just set the Missing Sync prefs to only sync the basics (contact and calendar). Buy an SD card and a separate card reader to transfer photos, cab files, music and ring-tones manually.
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    I am all over the Missing Sync with my WX and love it. I boot into windows for various tasks, but I don't have to...I want to. ;-P
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    1 limitation that hasn't been mentioned yet is the lack of ANY 3rd party conduit support. (At least the last time I checked).

    For me, that alone pretty much rules out any WM device. Missing SYnc for PalmOS is beautiful.
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    Well, that's kind of annoying, the 3rd party conduits. Well, really, the only one I'm using is Passwords Plus. It's not an app I rely on heavliy, but it's nice to have that info at my fingertips.

    I used the built in sync, along with the Palm Desktop stuff. I don't think it catagorized my contacts and calendar events, but it allows me to intigrate Mail and Address Book so it's easier to type out the contacts. I'm not using my Macbook all that much yet, so maybe that's why I'm not missing the features.

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