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    How do you hang up on one phone call and keep another? I went from the 600 to the 700p and have noticed this issue with my new phone. With the 600, I could choose one of my callers (on conferance or 3-way) and hang up on just them. With my 700p, the only choice I see is "Hang Up All"?
    How many times I have answered a call and still had my previous caller on the line or my voicemail, I have lost count.
    Am I missing something or is this a major oversite on this software?
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    From what I've seen in this forum there is no way to hang up on the other line.

    I have heard this is a limitation of CDMA. I have heard they do this to make you use more minutes. I have heard palm is aware of it, but they can't fix it.

    All I know is you can switch calls, but you can't hang up on one. There is a flash mode, but I don't think this helps.

    The only thing you can do is deal with it, or hang up on both and call back the person you want to talk to.

    I think this sucks, and if enough people complained, and made a big stink about how it forces you to waste minutes, then maybe, in a few years, they will have to fix it or compensate us for it.

    Sorry, but thats the deal...maybe someone such as shadowmite could hack something up, but if its truly a CDMA limitation, then were stuck.
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