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    Ok I'm using my headset that came with the treo while on a call and all of a sudden I don't hear the person anymore and look at my 700p. It's screen is shut off (usually the screen is on while on a call) and I can't hear anything thru the headset. I press one of the buttons and the call is still going on and my sound comes back onto the headset. Has this happened to anyone else? I had to reset my 700p to fix the problem but this has happened to me a few times already.
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    Anyone else having this problem or am I the only one that uses their headset that came with the 700p?
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    Not here - but I haven't used the headset all that much to make calls since I have a BT headset. Mostly use the wired just for music.

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    Thank you for responding!

    Yeah I use the regular headset with my treo more than my bt headset.
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    I havne't noticed that problem, but I have noticed that sound will switch from my headset to my handset when I adjust the volume while on a call. I don't know if it's a Treo issue, or a Volume Care issue, though.
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