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    I just got a Sony Ericson HBS-DS970. I've paired it with my 650 and used it to listen to music and answer calls. I've had several occassions, though, where I've initiated a call and then have been unable to end the call--the touch screen seems to be disabled as do all the other buttons on the 650. The call handling button on the DS970 doesn't seem to have any effect either. I've had to do a reset on the 650 to end the call!

    Any suggestions?
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    There are 2 sections that discuss this particular issue. Look under palm os multimedia section and search the " Could this be it ? A2DP........." as well as the bluetooth section and search " BT stereo headset smackdown......" posts. When SAG is engaged ( remote ) to stream music, that call button on the headset causes a freeze. But read those posts to learn about your headset and the way it performs with the Treo 650 and SAG.
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    To summarize then,
    1) If the SAG is in internal mode, you can use the call handling button.
    2) If the SAG is in remote mode, don't use the call handling button.
    3) Set the SAG to internal to call out.

    While not ideal, I can live with these limitations. The biggest challenge will be remembering not to use the call handling button when a call comes in while I'm listening to music. I have my 650 preferences set to automatically answer incoming calls after the 2nd ring. As I understand it, when the caller hangs up, the will terminate the call on my end and the music will resume.

    It sounds like you and others have documented these limitations to Softick. Thanks. I signed up for their e-mail updates and I hope that they will be able to eliminate them in a future update.

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