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    I'm using a Treo 650, with VersMail to connect to my "work" email. In the past I would open VersaMail and select from the drop-down menu "connect VPN",, this process worked fine untill VersaMail started to reset my phone everytime it's opened.

    I have tried to re-install from CD VersaMail with no luck.

    Any suggestion or comments?

    I'm not tied to VersaMail as my email software, what I really need is a way to open my VPN connection.

    Thanks in advanced!
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    After searching and searching and searching..................

    I found the answer to my question.
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    So what did you find. Any free VPN solution?
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    You can open VPN from the preferences screen on the Treo650

    Unfortunately, I did not find a free VPN software.

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