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    Our business uses Lotus Notes for our PIM. We have 4 Verizon phones (3 treo 650 and 1 Windows Mobile) set up to use Wireless Sync PC Monitor software to push changes to our Notes database up to the Wireless Sync server. We keep having problems with the PC Monitor software causeing LotusNotes to generate log files, and syncing stops. For some reason I don't understand, it will randomly start and stop over time without intervention from us.

    Anyone else having the same problems?
    Anyone know what to do to fix the problem?


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    I am using Lotus Notes too via Sprint Business Connection. My company uses those Blackberries so I am running Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition on a computer at home with Lotus Notes and a full time Internet connection and have no problems. I doesn't use Palm Calendar or Contacts so I can keep personal and Business Calendars and contacts seperate.


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