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    I've been reading over the threads on customizing the Treo's ROM using RomTool, but while there's a wealth of information on the procedure itself, it's been hard for me to find a listing of exactly what kinds of things you can do with this customization. So far, what I see is: enabling FAT32 to card 4 GB SD cards, deleting unused apps like RealPlayer, and maybe personalizing the splash screen.

    I suppose any one of these mods would be reason enough to hack the ROM, but I get the sense that people are doing a lot more with RomTool that this? So what can you do with a custom ROM?
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    1: Stability

    I found that when I ran the ROM with all unnessecary apps removed (plus FAT32) my Treo was far more stable.

    2: Speed

    Creating room in the ROM will not give you more speed, but the addition of the FAT32 driver noticeably (at least to me) increases the speed of the device.
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    Like gfunk says; by stripping unessasary apps out of Rom, gives you more DBcache, resulting in more stability. (I very seldom get resets now)

    Also, you can switch out the fatfs for the fat32 and now use 4gb cards.

    However, if your happy w/ your treo, I say; don't mess with it.
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    Adding the Sprint Bluetooth drivers to a Verizon 650 in order to get Bluetooth to work as it was intended.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PabloTX View Post
    Adding the Sprint Bluetooth drivers to a Verizon 650 in order to get Bluetooth to work as it was intended.
    I did a search (of course, but maybe I missed it) and didn't find anything on using Sprint Bluetooth drivers on a Verizon 650 - what does the Sprint driver do that Verizon won't? I have no trouble with Bluetooth DUN (via the Shadowmite hack), HotSync, GPS or file transfers on my Verizon 650, but the BT headset connection is very flaky and I'd love to fix that.
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    I did it simply to get a connection to my Garmin C550 GPS. Verizon took away the "carkit" option, but putting in the Sprint files in gives you pretty much full functionality.

    If you already have DUN working, then I'm assuming you pretty much followed the same procedure I did.
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    I have a Garmin GPS 10, it's just a receiver, no upload of your phone book to it for hands free dialing. So I wouldn't have this issue. DUN was accomplished via the Shadowmite hack, which worked fine for me. So I guess I have no reason to change, or at least no reason to expect that the Sprint BT manager would help with my flaky headset? I rarely lose the headset connection, I can hear people fine but people on the other end of the connection tell me its full of clicks and pops.
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    Can we simply remove the unwanted apps installed in RAM(from ROM image) to get more space ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lotech View Post
    Can we simply remove the unwanted apps installed in RAM(from ROM image) to get more space ?
    I think you have not fully grasped the ROM/RAM thing, but in simple terms yes you can remove things in ROM which you do not use, thus freeing up memory.

    However that memory might be dbcache rather than RAM. It is slightly complicated the relationship between the 3 (at least ) types of memory on a 650

    But using the New ROM tool is very easy.

    Read the following thread and all your questions should be answered :
    Thought of the day :
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    Thanks for the detail, I am currently using a Motorola E680i which is a Linux phone, there are lot of hacks available for that phone, the reason for me to switch is I think Palm has better community support and much easier to follow, I've some experience with POS and I don't want m$ so...... I don't have a 650 yet but will soon to own one, now is the time to clear out some cloud over my head, I'll keep watching.

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