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    So ive recently unlocked and unbranded my originally att locked treo 650. My original 2 year gophone plan needed to be transfered over to cingular.
    Anyways, long story short, with cingulars gophone i receive a network message after every phone call telling me how much the call cost me, and how many minutes/dollars i have left on the account. i asked cingular if they could disable the messages (because i can check myself by dialing *777#) but the phone rep didnt really even know what i was talking about, let alone disabling it. It gets VERY annoying to have these popups show up after every call. does anyone know how i can disable all messages from the network? *especially since this is the only message i receive.*

    also note these messages appear in the form of a popup with Network Response at the top.

    edit: btw, hello to the boards!
    edit2: it says Network Response not Transmission
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    opps. Sorry. I never use go phone before. Why don't you keep calling customer service and someone might know the answer.
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    yeah, thought about that one. but decided to ask on here before i did.

    the gophone isnt that bad of a plan biggest benefit is no contract. *which unless cingular starts getting better phones, i might be switching*
    [unlocked/unbranded/internal antenna/no camera/gsm/treo650]

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