Running Treo 600 (g - TMobile)
Ref: Palm Desktop software 4.21
with Palm OS 5.2.1 software
Application: PalmOne's Mail v 1.02a

Problem: crashes with every attempt to send or receive email

Request: figure out what else to delete from Backup Folder belonging to Mail v1.02a to remove corrupted email it keeps saving

(i do not have any problem accessing the same email account via SnapperMail -- only Mail v1.02a. Am glad to switch but i also want these corrupt files OFF my Treo 600 before they create other problems)

I've managed to apparently receive some corrupted MAIL v 1.02a email files i am unable to delete from my Treo 600 (tmobile) that look only like this: (they contain no content at all, no subject, no header otherwise, and no data):

in the From column:
<No To> (and blank) and the date is always 1/1 (only)

i started out with one of these along with all FUNCTIONAL email messages, then two showed up showing:
<No To> (and blank) and the date is always 1/1 (only)

and now i have deleted all else (email plus all other applications and files), done a complete hard-reset, reinstalled all, removed the only Mail xxx. files i can find in the Backup folder (that start with Mail xxx)
Everything else reinstalled and works fine - as always. However, these pesky, corrupt files within my Mail application (Mail v.1.02a only -- not SnapperMail) for good.

Sherry (help appreciated!)