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    For a couple of years I've had my 5-way Navigation controller re-mapped so that the left arrow launched my call log and the right arrow launched a special calculator I use.

    Can't remember how I did that....and yesterday that customization mysteriously disappeared and I now have the default choices of WEB for the left arrow and PICTURES for the right arrow.

    It was a long time ago and I can't figure out how I customized the left and right arrows of the 5-Way nav control.

    This is a Sprint based phone and Sprint tech support can't help. They say I must have had a 3-rd party app (hack?) to do the customization...but I can't find any application on the Treo to do it.

    Pressing the left arrow to get my call log is so instinctive to me now...I don't want to be without it.....????

    Any help appreciated.

    Was my previous custom setup programmable in Palm software or did I have some 3rd party software that's now gone?

    My hard disk crashed a couple of weeks ago and I don't have my back up files to restore the previous setup from my computer. ....Bummer! I might be able to salvage the backup file if I knew where to look for it.

    Warren C
    Warren C.
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    its very easy its in the phone display menu heres the root

    Phone>menu>options>Display Preferences>and your there its the little drop down bars
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