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    I'd been looking for a Treo app to deal with long distance & roaming for a while after I first got my Treo about a year ago and found nothing. I was wondering if anything has come out since then that someone here might know about.

    On the most basic level I'd like to be able to set my home IDD prefix so that I don't have to manually add it each time. I don't want to actually add the prefix to the phone numbers as it would be too confusing when I go abroad.

    On an even higher level, I'd like the app to allow me to set MY location wherever I was (if it couldn't do that for me based on my selected carrier) and then dial the proper prefix based on where I was calling to.

    I figure this wouldn't be too hard an app to develop (compared to some of the amazing apps already in the market) as it would simply be a database that added certain digits to a contacts phone number when moving that number from "Contacts" to "Phone."

    Any updates since I last checked?
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