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    I've searched the forums & can't seem to find a straight answer.

    I've been using Softick's Audio Gateway to connect pTunes & Audible to the car stereo and don't want to give this up. At the same time, I'm eyeballing the TT6 bundle for my 650 (maximum convergence, here I come!).

    Is anyone successfully using this combination? Can I background play pTunes or Audible via SAG's A2DP while displaying the TT6 nav screen & connecting to a Bluetooth GPS?

    If so, what happens when a call comes in? Does the whole thing catch fire?

    Anybody with experience using this combo?

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    Hello, is this thing on? Anybody?
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    I was wondering the same thing myself. I'm a big Audible user, bug currently use a cassette adapter to play the audio on my car stereo. I get lots of ling from the connections as was wondering how to better connect to the car stereo.

    How do you connect using bluetooth?

    I also pondered getting TT6 for my next road trip and wondered if I would be overloading my Treo.

    Good Luck!
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    You can only use one bluetooth device at a time. Its a limitation of the Treo.
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    Thanks for the reply, though. I suppose I'll start looking for standalone GPS units... gotta have my SAG.

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    .... or units with wired GPS that plugs into the Treo.

    (100th post - time to find something else to do...)
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    I also play Audible (and PTunes) and as well use the cassette to play the content on the car stereo. For Audible it sounds fairly well. For that person that does get good sound with the cassette, maybe you can just try another cassette unit, maybe yours is bad or for that matter dirty.

    For the bluetooth, I give up the SAG because in the car, the SAG can receive calls while listen to either Audible or PTunes but after the call. for me, I get disconnect from SAG and it would be dangerous to try and reconnect while driving.

    But I use a regular over the ear bluetooth headset for phone calls and play the audio (Audible/PTunes) with the cassette and that works.

    I know your question was really about something else, but just I'd comment here.

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