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    I have searched this site to all ends and have not come up with a conclusion to my question....Is it possible to set custom ringtones for certain callers? Not sure what the best software would be for this...or what ones to use. I just got the treo a week ago upgrading from the razr

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!
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    search for mini tunes...

    directions here
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    Dosn't CallFilter do this?
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    You can set custom ringtones for callers very easily once you have them loaded into your Treo - use a favorite button (shortcut) to set up a shortcut and speed dial for a contact - at the bottom of the AddFavorite screen you will see a Ringtone picklist - pick the one you desire for the caller.

    Getting custom ringtones on the Treo is a different story. You can download them, see Palm Solution ID: 28389, and 19349.

    ...or create you own:

    Then use MiniTones as johnj2803 stated to move then into your ringtones db.

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