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    Greeetings Treo-sters!!

    I was checking my account online and noticed and I started getting "casual" text messages outside of my free and unlimited text messaging. I called retention direct and complained about that "casual" part. She stated that since I changed to the 700p, i was using a different type of internet. i guess that was the only way she could explain it. I told her that all I requested when I upgraded was to change ESN numbers and not to touch my plan which is the old grandfathered 2000 visions and unlimited text messages. She said that she could change my plan to Unlimited Power Vision for 10 bucks a month with included unlimited text and TV and picture mail. SO the bottom line is that I get PV for 5 bucks less than what I use to pay. Plus I get picture mail that I never had before. I got her name and ID number and will keep and eye in my account just incase they decide to slip somthing else in... Thanks SPrint for keeping me a happy and productive client.

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    Yeah thats good. They gave me Power Vision for $7 as part of my retention plan and regular vision for free on my second phone.
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    What is the direct number to Retention? You have to *fight* for retention when u dial *2.
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