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    Whenever I delete a picture from my phone, it deletes the picture in Palm Desktop as well. Is there any way to have it where the pictures are NEVER deleted from Palm Desktop? I just want to keep as much free space on my phone as possible, but I don't want to lose the pics from my desktop as well. How would I do this? Thanks.
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    It's a good idea to copy the photos to a folder, maybe in your desktop. Another idea (not so good) is to change de hotsync conduits.

    To do the first action, just create a new folder in your desktop or anywhere, then open Palm Desktop, select the images and then drag it to the folder.
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    Check your "My Photos" folder. You will find a file called "palm one photos" that should have all your photos in it. This file is set up automatically.

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    I mean the "My Photos" folder on your PC.

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    Thanks a lot...all there.

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