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    Sprint Equipment Replacement Phone About 3 months ago

    -Worried Motheboard May have bit the big one. Phone got real hot about a month ago b/c had wrong cord plugged into Seidio cradle.

    Here's my symptoms:
    1. Noticed faster than normal battery drain last few weeks
    2. Noticed screen lighting by itself in last week.
    3. Found phone dead last night. Would not power up to a fresh battery or take a charge intially.
    4. After several hours it turns on by itself. Sometimes gets past Palmone screen to turn on, then dies after a minute or so. Sometimes reboots to palmone screen and stays stuck, sometimes just dead. Then, will reboot itself back to palmone screen. Will not accept reset with reset hole and soft reset performed with lauchnerX while briefly on, but did not correct problem.

    Here's my setup:
    1. Fat32 Rom hack succesfully completed last month.
    2. Butler, LauncherX, KBlightsoff, pdanet, volumecare(trial version expired), Tomtom 5.0, minitones.

    Saw another Thread here about replacing the motherboard and I think I could handle that, have had phone apart before.

    Think going to sprint store would be a waste of time, based on past experience. Thoughts, advice?
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    Well, score one for the Treo Store. Unlike all my other experiences, they were helpful and fast. Guess I was due!

    Received free replacement Treo b/c I have the repair and maintenance plan on this phone too, [not to be confused with the equipment replacement program insurance] and it was bricked. I do think the motherboard was a goner from getting too hot, though.

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