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    I'm not 100% certain that Chatter caused this problem. Every so often, my 650 would go from having anywhere from 1/3 battery to almost full down to zero. I would get a message saying the phone had to shut down in 30 seconds because of this.

    It would go into a loop of shutting down and restarting. Even if I did a soft reset, it would still do this. I found some combination of removing the battery and replacing it plus plugging it into a charger would fix the problem. This happened with both the original battery and the extended life Seidio battery. Once the problem went away, the battery icon would show a little less than it showed before the loop started.

    I did a hard reset, and it still did this. I was running Chatter 2.0.5+, I believe, which was the latest stable version. I connect to 1 IMAP account.

    Yesterday I upgraded to the latest Beta 2.0.6b8, and I haven't had the problem.

    At one point, I thought the problem was caused by my Bluetooth connection to the Uconnect hands-free device in my Magnum, since I'd see it happen in that car. However, it's been happening even with Bluetooth turned off.

    Any ideas?
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    I have responded to this in the ChatterEmail forums....

    Could be a chatty server -- need to see a log --

    Also there is a new beta with some new power handling tricks


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