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    Hi guys,

    I am absolutely new to Treo, but have some experience with older Palm and T and TC, I heard the new Treo ROM fixed some flaws like memory, BT and improved sound, after trying couple smart and stupid phones I am seriously considering buying a Treo, also because the much lower price than the 7xx and I can live with the speed, before I make the move I want to make sure about something, namely :

    1. email : what is the max size of attachment downloadable before crash ?
    2. browser : does the build in one support frame, midi and gif/Javascript animation ?
    3. keyboard : does the device fully accessible without the use of touch screen ?
    4. Bluetooth : any known issue with the DUN ?
    5. Ringtone and Caller ID : There is no build in support for MP3 and caller pic display, right ?
    6. Software installation : is there any way to install software right off the Treo w/o the use of a PC, can I download apps with the build in browser or install from SD ?
    7. Backup : any build in apps for complete system backup, or at least for the contact ?
    8. Handsfree set and volume : fixed yet ?

    Sorry too many questions in one post, but I don't want to make another stupid move to get a smartphone~!
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    If you would search, there are all the answers on the forum instead of asking.
    anyway...1: I am not sure. I don't really use email
    2: only gif I believe
    3: yes. I will say 98 or 99%
    4: Mine is fine.
    5: You need third party software like ringo(using currently) or lightwav or some others.
    6: Yes. Not all of them tho.
    7: Sync will do pretty much the jobs. But backup softwares are recommanded for complete backup.
    8: Not that much for me. Volumecare ftw.

    I don't know what is blue version though but I am just talking from the experience of my Cingular branded treo. Might be wrong on some answers.
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    1. Depends. I am using ChatterEmail for one Exchange OWA and one gmail account. I can get as much as I want, cause Chatter saves all the emails to my SD card.
    2. Blazer is very primitive, very! You might try some other 3rd party broswers. Personally, I only check weather and traffic or something alike. Treo is too small for any real surfing.
    3. Mostly, maybe 80-90% for me. With a screen protector, I don't mind using my finger once in a while .
    4, 5, as mention above
    6. Depends. But the most practical way is to d/l the file to your PC, copy it to your SD card and copy to the main RAM, or Hotsync. Although I did d/l quite a few softwares from the internet directly (
    7. Tons of softwares. Most get the the job done. There is even a solution which can backup you data to an internet server on the go, 24/7 - check Pro
    8. VolumeCare here too.

    In summary, if you want a PDA which can do a lot of things right, go with Treo. If you mostly need email, IM, phone, go with BB.
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    Thanks for the info. guys, sorry for so many questions, I did find some answer on the net but not all. The blue version is the one with new ROM that fixed some problem namely the memory, audio quality, bluetooth......etc., since I am using Linux mostly I would like to see how Treo like it. I used Nokia and Motorola and both can connect to the net with the phone GPRS modem via BT, there is no need a driver install on the phone, so I hope Treo can work that way too.
    The name 'Blue Edition' is used in Asia where the housing is in blue gray with v1.2 ROM, I guess is the same Cingular now selling in the US.

    Btw, how come I still can not receive reply notification, I've to check in regularly.
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