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    I know that it is not a recommended configuration but can I run the Goodlink software from the same server as Microsoft Exchange? We will only have 6-10 users of Goodlink. What are the potential complications and are they worth spending the extra dollars to buy a separate server and new Windows License. I really don't want to spend the extra 3k to run a separate server if the potential risks are minimal. Thank you in advance for any helpful info.
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    You don't need to spend 3K. The minimum hardware requirements are an 800mHz machine. Be that as it may, Good does not support installation on the exchange server. If you have problems with the server and call for support, the first thing you will be told is to install Good on a separate box. The risks are not minimal as there could be MAPI conflicts that will cause Exchange problems.
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    Can Good be installed in a virtual machine? If so, VMWare server is free now and Good could run on a virtual machine on the same physical machine as the Exchange server.
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    Yes, we support VMWare
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    I think we will set up a virtual server. Thank you both for your help.
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    definitely dont so the same server thing. Good is great you and your people will really enjoy it!


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