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    I have sprint and when someone sends me a txt msg with a pic attached I am only able to view it on my phone. when I view it in the album, it has a lock icon on the thumbnail. I can't send it via BT or email. What gives? Sprint owns these pics people send me? That's not cool. Anyone know how I can get these to my desktop?
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    there is a thread about this already anyway there is two ways you can do it have them sent as an email and open them as an attachement . second when you open the picture visa by text message dont hit save to phone it will put the pad lock on it. instead take your stylis and tap on the picture and save it that way
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    Can you post the link to that thread for me? I can't find it.

    Tapping the pic and saving to phone is an option, but it does not download and save the full size version. It would be nice to actually have the origional image, not a scaled one.

    Not sure how the email method would work...
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    yeah... i can't find a solution about that either... and why is it protected at first place ?

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