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    I can use zoom in all 3 resolutions, but when in high resolution, it won't actually capture the pic at 2x, it captures it at 1x. It only captures the pic at 2x on the lower 2 resoltions.

    If I'm not explaining this clearly, let me know.

    Is this the way everyone else's is? AND is that how it's supposed to be?
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    I searched before I posted this, and I've RTFM. I found nothing.

    Is nobody responding because it's already posted and I overlooked it?

    Have I not explained myself?

    Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me or my phone?
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    Just checked mine... 2x zoom seems to capture correctly for all resolutions.
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    Good for you. Bad for me. I'll swing by a store and check out the display. Thanks for chedking.
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    Yeah, it works here too, I think something is wrong with yours. Sorry.
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    also works on a co-worker's. what a weird problem. guess I'll try a hard reset sometime and see if it does the same "out-of-the-box". if so, I'm not sure if I'll exchange it or not. it's not a big deal - just kind of annoying. and i'm worried that i'll get a unit with worse problems that I've read about. thanks for your input.

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