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    I'm looking for a good way to record calls, visits, etc. with my customers.

    So far, I've been doing it with a memo for each account. I use a shortcut for a date/time stamp and then using phone lookup to paste in the actual customer who I interacted with. Then I put in my comments.

    Is there some software that can help me out here. I'm not sure about the daily journal types of software, because I really don't care much what I did on any given day. I want to know what and when I did something with or for a customer.

    Any suggestions?
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    If you use Outlook or not - Action Names Datebook by Iambic Software will allow you to "log" calls etc. There is a good review of all of the contact managers at and of course you can always try the software out for a while.

    The way that you log a call or meeting or even a to do is to first set up one of the above and then when you want to complete it or log it - simply hold down the appointment etc from the calendar view and your given an option to log it. It will automatically create a note field that date stamps the entry and attaches it to the contact. You can then go into the note field and add any additional comments that you'd like.

    The great thing that I like is that your not dealing with a separate stand alone program. It's incorporated into the Address Book.

    Check it out.
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    If you use Outlook on your desktop, try Chapura's Pocket Journal. It sychs with Outlook's journal program, is intergrated with your address application (making it easy to look folks up) and is pretty easy to use.
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    You may want to check out "AllTime". It will allow you to set up a number of categories and customer / product / project lists and then log time spent with customers or projects, etc. It also has the capability to produce reports.

    We've got a dozen or so people using this who are loggin their time working with customers, etc.

    This would be an excellent product for attorneys or anyone else that has to log billable time.
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    I use AllTime which is great for logging time. It has a neat report generator you can use to generate reports. They are created in Memo Pad and you can then open them in Excel. Its great, by Iambic. com
    I also use Phone Log to log incoming voice mails, which you can also create monthly reports. It also has a timing feature on it that works great. Its by Handshigh at These are two great prodcuts which have made my conversion from PocketPC to Palm much easier.

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